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Welcome to my blog, Thank you for passing by. I am glad to begin my own new blog and it’s sweet of you to come over! I’ll tell you some more details about myself . I am a 24 Year working woman. Creating articles and sharing some of my tricks is being my passion since my school days and finally today I released this could be an excellent beauty temple for all those women around! As I mentioned earlier and the title of this blog indicates, this is a blog made up of Travel and product reviews, hair/skin care tips, invigorating treatment methods, DIYs, and maybe also friendship and health knowledge. I don’t count me as being an absolute professional in areas I will talk about, but, I will always provide just valuable stuff. Some of them are with my own experience and some from the valuable resource I come across. Go ahead and check out some of my blog posts. Thanks for stopping by and have fun with my blog, And do not feel shy to leave me here some suggestions or questions which might arise when reading through, I really hope that you will follow me on my journey to finding myself, my passion , my interests, my creativity, and so much more.

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Let us share beauty secrets, become really good friends and be each other’s inspiration! <3


LOVE, Shweta

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