Review of The L’oreal base magique transforming smoothing primer ! 

Review of The L’oreal base magique transforming smoothing primer ! 

Hello Ladies!!!!! ??Sorry for not showing up all these days . I’m here today with another new review of a product. 
Well How many of you think makeup is bad and can spoil skin?, beauty is without makeup blah blah and some cliche myths. Well!!!! In today’s post I am going review the very first step for getting a flawless base for makeup base and a something that is important for good skin care. 

Well, I am talking about primers. Some of you know primers as some liquid applied on walls so that the wall colour spreads smoothly leaving a good finish for home walls. 
A face primer does the same, it protects your skin, provides a smooth base for makeup, leaving skin looking fresh and moisture locked it. I am going to review a primer, L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer that i have been using for a while and my experience has been really good with it . 
The primer is light pink in colour and is thick in consistency like a paste. The primer is thick and once you apply, it feels powdery on the face. It’s not all liquid for sticky, it’s just a powder base. Although the primer is light pink in colour, once you apply it looks colourless and gives a flawless base for makeup.
The primer claims to reduce the size of pores and helps in providing an even base for makeup, all i can say it completely keeps up with what it claims. it works wonders in reducing the size of pores rather they actually are not visible after applying primer. It provides an excellent base for makeup, gives a silky and soft base and makes long up to 5hrs, have actually tested this. You can either way apply it to give you a flawless and even look. There are no breakouts for black spots after its use.

It retails for 899INR for 15 ml product . But I got it for 760 on nykaa sale.  

My verdict is 5/5 . It’s an amazing product and works like magic . 


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