“Wellness Festival 2019”- FIT BENGALURU!!!

“Wellness Festival 2019”- FIT BENGALURU!!!

Hey guys, Hope you all are doing great.

I am back with yet an another experience and wanted to share it with you guys.

I had an opportunity to be a part of India’s biggest wellness festival in Bangalore on the February 8th and 9th at  The Collection, UB City. It was a 2 day festival which included over 30 different workouts, fitness talks, 5k run, fitness workshops, food market, eco market and much more with expert trainers across India for catering people from 6-60 years of age.


There were so many fitness enthusiasts who reached the venue early morning to start their morning fitness routine on both days.The fitness workouts included Buddy workouts, Ninjafit-Animal flow, Yoga and Aqua aerobics for kids, prenatal, postnatal and geriatrics.Also there was Breakfast bowl, masterclass, sessions for mindful eating, Diet and Nutrition and much more.


                                                                                                     FOOD MARKET



The tickets for the Fit Bengaluru were available on bookmyshow.com for both days, one could choose either one day or both the days.

I’m so glad that I experienced different workouts which I haven’t heard before. As you all know I am in my second trimester and I definitely needed some workout. But was hesitant to take any risk as it may complicate my pregnancy.

I had a discussion with the fitness experts who were specially trained for training prenatal women.

Its very important to work out during pregnancy.

The benefits are;

  1. Boosts your energy
  2. Helps you sleep better
  3. Lower yours risks of certain pregnancy related complications.
  4. Reduce pregnancy discomfort
  5. Prepare for childbirth
  6. Reduce stress and lifts your spirits
  7. Improves your self image
  8. To get back body faster after childbirth.

So I attended the Aqua Aerobics for Prenatals and believe me it was an amazing experience. I am a water baby and it energized me so much , I will definitely follow all the steps that the trainer taught through out my pregnancy. It eased my body aches and relaxed my stiff muscles.


Overall it was a great experience and I am sure all the participants had a great time experiencing so many varieties of workouts and fitness talks under the same roof. I will keep you all posted when they host the next season and you will thank me later for the same.

Until then,

Take care, Be fit. Stay healthy.

Shweta Venkat

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